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Columbus Circle, Westmoorings, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
About ECS Real Estate
Penelope Persaud and Cathy Allum lead a team of seasoned professionals that are innovative and forward thinking, providing high calibre real estate expertise based on sector knowledge, effective networking and an in-depth understanding of client needs. We bring a mature perspective to our client relations, taking care to always observe international standards with a keen eye to best practices. Thus we ensure superior service whether you are buying, selling or developing.

Our agents will stand by your side throughout the entire transaction to make sure that your experience is as smooth and trouble free as possible. In doing so, we affirm our commitment to providing unrivalled, trustworthy service that is built on the warm personal relationships with clients for which we are so well known. We continually reinforce our vision to become the real estate advisor of choice in Trinidad & Tobago
Client Services
Our services are utilized by many of the oil and gas companies, multinational corporations and diplomatic missions. Over the years, we have built an excellent network among developers, landlords, government agencies and other real estate companies. Thus, we ensure that each and every one of our clients may access the widest possible choice of effective services that meet their needs.
The Traveller's Palm
 The fan shape of our logo is an iconic representation of the Traveller's Tree (also called palm) so named because the large hollow leaf stalks form receptacles at their bases where approximately one quart of water can accumulate providing a drink for the the thirsty traveller.

Ravenala Madagascariensis

The tree resembles the palm but, in fact, belongs to the banana family. It's leaves grow mainly in one place creating an attractive giant green fan shape. The arch around the tree represents an open door...

ECS Logo
.... welcoming the traveller to a new home.